Sunday, April 5, 2015

"I will be searching for the Elect of God, A true hunt."

Hey friends and fam...sorry I couldn't write back personally this week, not a lot of time, so here is my fam email! Love you all! I´ll get back to you next week!

Here we are. Another week gone as if it were a day. So this week was quite a great one actually! Usually how they go... right? Have a little rain and whatsoever, but after comes the rainbow! I don't have a lot of time, but I´ll just recap a few things of this past week that are worthy for mentioning!

1. Found another family, but this family is even more elect than the first one we met! They are excited to learn, they read in the Book of Mormon, they love the story of Joseph Smith, it's seriously such a blessing! They have 3 kids, and they are very very humble. The dad smokes, and the parents aren't married, but those are just little speed bumps on the way to their becoming members of the Church of Jesus Christ! They seriously are so cool! Unfortunately they couldn't come to church because the dad was ill, but they are coming for sure to General Conference! And their cat just had kittens, so that's just awesome!

2. We got locked out of our apartment. (see picture) We went to another area of our district to do a division and "you know who"..(my comp) left the keys there... h-aha just kidding, it was kind of a mutual fault thing. But they live an hour away and it's an expensive bus ride to get there in the first place. So we had to call the fire department and they came with their truck and ladder and went up to our window and had to open our door from the inside... it was already past 10 at night and the neighbors probably weren't too happy... whoops! cost 36 €

3. We also locked ourselves IN our house. We were feeding our pet spiders.... (we already killed them...) but the spiders were in our little area where our washer is and there are doors that shut behind us. We were trying to catch a fly to feed to the spiders so we shut the door behind us to trap him in... and we locked ourselves in that little washer room!!! Fortunately we had the keys to our front door... so we had to wait for someone to come by our house and we threw them the keys to come up and unlock us! Ha-ha we probably looked like such dummies!

4. Met a less active member named José. He invited us in for some juice and would not take no for an answer.... so we entered and it is probably the most dirty house I have entered here in Portugal so far.... a very nice man.. but not very tidy. There was a spider web probably 6 inches thick on a coat hanger that had a HUUUUUGE dead spider in it.... there was nasty stuff spilled all over the ground... it was quite an experience... when he went to get cups,I was sure to choose which one I was to put my lips on. They were all covered in dust, so we ran it under some water and had some orange juice with him. It was on Saturday and I'm still here... so I think I am OK.

5. We just had a homecoming here in the branch of the daughter of a family here who was serving in England! We have a family night with her and her family and our family of investigators tonight! It should be awesome!!! We are gonna use her a lot to help out this branch and its growth!

6. Well my cousins are searching for Easter eggs this Sunday, I will be searching for the Elect of God, A true hunt.

General Conference is coming up! Getta hear the voice of our prophets! What up!
Things in the branch are going fine, we´re all excited to come Saturday and Sunday to watch here in the chapel, so that will be fun! Thanks for all the love and support!!! Happy Easter!!

Love you all!!!
Love Elder Quinn

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