Wednesday, July 30, 2014

"I'm pretty sure if I got cut I'd bleed juice."

Ola! Tudo Bem? Nothing too new happened this week. We are still working for our next baptism. I think we might have found one. Laise, is 16 years old and she was sitting in her window, and seen us walk by and called to us. So we went up to her floor and talked to her. Then she came to church yesterday. I´m pretty sure she’s elect! I already have a vision of the baptism... I´ll let you know. Pray for her! The juice is still good, and our area is as huge as ever, but fortunately we have busses! But the bus driver’s here drive super crazy. You feel like your Harry Potter on that double decker bus on the Prisoner of Azkaban. It’s hot, but not too unbearable. One of the places in our area, smells like burnt cheese all day... Not sure why. I´m pretty sure if I got cut I´d bleed juice. I drink a lot of Peach nectar, Tutti Frutti, Um Bongo, and pineapple nectar... It’s too good! And I love it! Elder Judd is a pretty good cook so we are eating pretty well! Other than that, just ordinary missionary work! "We gonna find you!" (Lyrics from the bed intruder song-we are going to sing that to our next baptism) That’s it for now! Thanks for all your prayers and support! Love you all! The Lord lives and loves us!
Be Not Afraid, Only Believe.
Elder Quinn

Friday, July 18, 2014

"That's probably why I was called here" lol

This place is beautiful! (Costa Da Caparica) It´s definitely a touristy city, which makes it a little difficult to find people that actually live here and won’t be leaving in a week. But it also makes it fun to meet people from all over Europe! The weird thing about these Europeans, they move around the countries over here like their states. It must not be too hard to cross borders. I and Elder Judd have a ginormous area. We don´t really have anyone too potential right now, so we just gotta keep working hard and show the Lord we´re ready! Our house we are living at is a beach house. We wake up every morning and go to the beach for our morning jogs. At the beach I find starfish that have been washed up and I put them back in the ocean so they can survive. (That´s probably why I was called here anyway, not to save souls, but to save star fish). I would send pics, but I don´t wanna plug my camera into these computers in this cafe. I´ll get some to you soon. Hopefully you still remember what I look like! My testimony has really grown out here, and I am loving learning about my Savior every day! Portuguese is definitely getting better... but I still got a little way to go before I consider myself fluent. Love you all!! Thanks for all your support!!!
Love Elder Quinn

Friday, July 11, 2014

"It's our duty to find these people!"

Not much has changed, but it’s still been crazy. We have been living and working in a tripla (threesome). I am with Elder Judd and Elder Stratford. We have had some fun times!! Now that we got transfers and everything, Elder Judd and I are staying together and we are taking on Costa da Caparica and Monte da Caparica. It’s a huge area with huge Potential!!! It’s awesome!! We could be baptizing regularly if we work hard enough for it!!! The ward here is great, and I am very excited to help this ward keep growing!! A cool thing that happened this week: We knocked on the door of someone we were already working with and her sister answered the door. She let us come in and teach her the first lesson. She basically accepted everything and then at the end of the lesson, we knelt to say a prayer. We said the first prayer and invited her to say the second prayer and ask Heavenly Father if this was the path for her. Her dad came in before she prayed and said we must have been sent from God. He saw us somewhere else and then there we were, kneeling and praying with his daughter in his house. She prayed and got her answer right there that this was the path that she needed. It was pretty cool! The Lord is always preparing people! It’s our duty to find these people! That’s about it for this week. I will take pictures for next week, still been a crazy mess with these Emergency Transfers and moving houses twice in one week. Love you all!!!! Thanks for your prayers and support!
Love Elder Quinn