Thursday, June 26, 2014

"So where can I get one of these Book of Mormons?"

Hello people of the real world!! How is everything going?! This week has been full of miracles here in Setúbal, Portugal. We had two baptisms thanks to the help of the Lord. It was an awesome service, and I had the opportunity to baptize both of them! Their names are Horacio Rocha, and Arnaldo Caldeira (both of them have 2 or 3 middle names that I can’t remember...) but I did the baptismal prayers flawlessly! My companion says I gave them both a pretty good dunk though... Ha-ha, Horacio came up out of the water and coughed because I think water got up his nose and he spit the water at the window (where the little kids look in).... all in all it was a great day - full of miracles. We had 3 of our very potential investigators attend the baptisms which was awesome. After the baptisms, we had lots of cake, pastels...and OF COURSE JUICE!!! ha-ha and Elder Harris and me picked up McDonalds on the way home to celebrate! Yesterday, Elder Harris and I received a call from President Fluckiger. He is shutting down an area and bringing one of the elders from there to be with Elder Harris and I am getting transferred. My new area is called Costa da Caparica. I am headed there right now actually. I am in the Mission Office writing while I wait for my ride. It´s hard to leave my area where I´ve grown to love the Members and my very recent converts and it’s scary to get thrown into one of these middle of the transfer transfers and to be getting a new companion/trainer. But the Lord has something in store. More Baptisms, and hopefully Juice!!! I now will have 3 dads (Trainers) here; I have not met my new dad (Elder Judd) but I will in a couple of hours. I will let you know how it all turns out next week. OH YAH!!! Funny thing my companion and I were laughing at. There’s an episode of SpongeBob where Patrick and SpongeBob are selling chocolates and this crazy guy is stalking them all day screaming, "CHOCOLATE!!!" and in the end he just tells them, "Finally I´ve been looking for you guys all day, now that I’ve got you right where I want you..... I just wanted to buy all your chocolate!" and then SpongeBob and Patrick drop all the chocolate they have in their hands and chocolate bars just start pouring out of their pants because they can’t believe it. So... we met this guy on the street and asked him if we could come in and he said yes. We go into his house, mark him the first lesson for baptism, and at the end of the lesson he says, "So where can I get one of these Book of Mormons?" (Elder Harris and I weren’t planning on leaving one with him until the next one lesson) so when people ask us something like that... We feel like SpongeBob and Patrick.... just drop everything were holding in disbelief... I don´t know if that makes sense... but ha-ha. We die laughing about it. But anyway, time for a new area and new adventure! This is a picture of our baptism. Don’t worry... They don’t appear it, but they were happy to be baptized... ha-ha. The other pictures are of the streets here in Setubal. It's soooo cool how they decorate the streets! Love you Guys!!!
-Elder Quinn

Monday, June 16, 2014

"I just wanna get baptized!"

Good Day everyone, not a lot new here in the big Setúbal Portugal. Nothing new except the HEAT!!!! Holy Goodness. It is soooo hot. Haha it reached 41 Celsius this week... which is over 100 degrees if our phone’s calculator is working correctly!!! It is sooo hot!!! Elder Harris and I have a mountain to climb every day in our area and basically all we can do is laugh because when we are walking we can feel the heat beating on us. When we get to our destination and actually stop, we just start dripping with sweat. Completely soaked!! Then we just use some napkins or our arms to sop the sweat off our faces. It´s not unbearable though, so thats good. It´s amazing how hot it really is though! Never felt heat like this before, but on the plus side, I am getting way tan. So that´s good. We have another baptism planned for this weekend! Actually 2! The Lord is blessing us so much! We are trying to find every opportunity to change ourselves and behaviors to be more obedient to unleash the miracles of heavens here. Everybody and their dog here smokes, so one of the people we have marked for baptism is trying to get over his addiction. As of now, he is still doing well. Our other Baptism is firm. We asked him, "Who do you want to baptize you?" and he said, "No me-importa! só quero ser batizado!" (It doesn’t matter! I just wanna get baptized!). So that’s pretty cool to see more fruits of our efforts. The World Cup has started and today is Portugal VS Germany, so everybody here has their flags hung and is ready for the big game! Portuguese is getting better for me, at least on my part... I am starting to speak more grammatically correct. I still don’t always know what the people here are saying (99% of the time), but one day I will know what they´re sayin! Love you all!
Love Elder Quinn

Monday, June 9, 2014

Just call me Sister Mary Clarence

So this past week the Rapazes (tone deaf young men) in our ward, needed some help with their song they were going to perform in Sacrament Meeting. So their leader asked the elders to help out. So I pulled a "Sister Act" and did my best to make them sound better. Basically it just ended up that the elders ended up singing with them and I just sang my loudest to try to help the ward members hear a little of what the melody should be like. We are teaching English classes at the chapel every Thursday night. It´s kind of hard to teach Portuguese people English when you can´t even speak Portuguese... but It seems to be going alright. A weird thing Elder Harris and I saw this past week, were some people on the basketball court in wheelchairs. They were practicing rugby.... Never knew rugby could be played in wheelchairs... don´t know how they tackle each other... Anyway, this week we were talking with a lady in the street and her daughter dropped a balloon on the ground that she was blowing up and playing with. The little girl picked it up and put it right back in her mouth.... ha-ha. Hopefully I don´t make faces when I see these types of things. Portuguese is still Portuguese.... ha-ha. I can understand my companion completely when he is talking in Portuguese, but then we go to these people’s houses and I cannot pick out more than 4 words per conversation! Ha-ha ok it’s not that bad, but it´s still a little difficult. My Portuguese I feel, is getting better so that’s good!! Elder Harris and I are trying to do everything to be exactly obedient. We are doing pretty well actually. We are seeing the miracles every day. We have some people lined up for baptism. We just have to rely on the Lord to continue to bless and prepare them. All is well here in Portugal, Today we are going to eat choco frito! Its fried cuddle fish!!! Should be delicious!!! Loving it here! Fica Bem!!!
-Elder Quinn

Saturday, June 7, 2014

"we just gotta look for them"

Herro Der! Things are going great here in Setúbal! I have a new companion who is doing my training! Elder Harris! We had a pretty awesome week! We marked 4 people for baptism! 3 of whom we just barely met this past week! Miracles are occurring everyday here! This past week we went to a contact’s house, she answered the door and said she didn’t want anything to do with us, so we asked if she knew anyone who needed help. She pointed at the door below. There we found Vitor! He is the most humble guy! He lives in a little apartment, with no working lights and the left side of his face is paralyzed. His wife has passed and he has a kid who lives with his sister. The son lives with the sister because Vitor wants the best for him and he can’t provide that right now. Vitor works all day at the harbor to catch squid to sell to provide for his kid and himself. He is just the most awesome guy. We marked him for baptism after our first lesson with him about the gospel of Jesus Christ. We went to pick him up for church and he was running a little late because he was on his way back from the dock where he had to get a little fishing in because he was sacrificing some time to come to church. Such an awesome guy. Just a pretty good week! Miracles are always happening; we just gotta look for them. The food and juice is still good, the restored gospel is here, and all is well. Love you all! Thanks for everything!
-Elder Quinn