Monday, June 16, 2014

"I just wanna get baptized!"

Good Day everyone, not a lot new here in the big Setúbal Portugal. Nothing new except the HEAT!!!! Holy Goodness. It is soooo hot. Haha it reached 41 Celsius this week... which is over 100 degrees if our phone’s calculator is working correctly!!! It is sooo hot!!! Elder Harris and I have a mountain to climb every day in our area and basically all we can do is laugh because when we are walking we can feel the heat beating on us. When we get to our destination and actually stop, we just start dripping with sweat. Completely soaked!! Then we just use some napkins or our arms to sop the sweat off our faces. It´s not unbearable though, so thats good. It´s amazing how hot it really is though! Never felt heat like this before, but on the plus side, I am getting way tan. So that´s good. We have another baptism planned for this weekend! Actually 2! The Lord is blessing us so much! We are trying to find every opportunity to change ourselves and behaviors to be more obedient to unleash the miracles of heavens here. Everybody and their dog here smokes, so one of the people we have marked for baptism is trying to get over his addiction. As of now, he is still doing well. Our other Baptism is firm. We asked him, "Who do you want to baptize you?" and he said, "No me-importa! só quero ser batizado!" (It doesn’t matter! I just wanna get baptized!). So that’s pretty cool to see more fruits of our efforts. The World Cup has started and today is Portugal VS Germany, so everybody here has their flags hung and is ready for the big game! Portuguese is getting better for me, at least on my part... I am starting to speak more grammatically correct. I still don’t always know what the people here are saying (99% of the time), but one day I will know what they´re sayin! Love you all!
Love Elder Quinn

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