Monday, June 9, 2014

Just call me Sister Mary Clarence

So this past week the Rapazes (tone deaf young men) in our ward, needed some help with their song they were going to perform in Sacrament Meeting. So their leader asked the elders to help out. So I pulled a "Sister Act" and did my best to make them sound better. Basically it just ended up that the elders ended up singing with them and I just sang my loudest to try to help the ward members hear a little of what the melody should be like. We are teaching English classes at the chapel every Thursday night. It´s kind of hard to teach Portuguese people English when you can´t even speak Portuguese... but It seems to be going alright. A weird thing Elder Harris and I saw this past week, were some people on the basketball court in wheelchairs. They were practicing rugby.... Never knew rugby could be played in wheelchairs... don´t know how they tackle each other... Anyway, this week we were talking with a lady in the street and her daughter dropped a balloon on the ground that she was blowing up and playing with. The little girl picked it up and put it right back in her mouth.... ha-ha. Hopefully I don´t make faces when I see these types of things. Portuguese is still Portuguese.... ha-ha. I can understand my companion completely when he is talking in Portuguese, but then we go to these people’s houses and I cannot pick out more than 4 words per conversation! Ha-ha ok it’s not that bad, but it´s still a little difficult. My Portuguese I feel, is getting better so that’s good!! Elder Harris and I are trying to do everything to be exactly obedient. We are doing pretty well actually. We are seeing the miracles every day. We have some people lined up for baptism. We just have to rely on the Lord to continue to bless and prepare them. All is well here in Portugal, Today we are going to eat choco frito! Its fried cuddle fish!!! Should be delicious!!! Loving it here! Fica Bem!!!
-Elder Quinn

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