Monday, February 8, 2016

"we will keep fighting!"

January 26, 2016 -

So it was a pretty good week! Our Rui from barreiro was baptized!!! We were invited to go and we got permission and went! We were teaching him when we were in his area, then we got transferred, and the other Elders came in and did a great job working with him and then he was baptized this past week. It was awesome to see someone again, willing to change their life for the Lord. It was also a difficult week in the matter of finding other elite individuals.We didn't get too much out of the week, but we won't get discouraged. We will find the Lord´s elect.

A great surprise this week, we got a call from the sisters for a "reference" named John and he wanted to meet with us. So on Saturday, we went there and were sitting in the chapel and Andrey came walking in with his mom and Cleusa! They came down for a surprise visit and took us out to pizza hut and we got to catch up a little. It was awesome! Such a blessing in our hard week.  I bought the sickest sweater.... you can call me HP!!! Harry Potter!!! Other than that... all is well! Love you guys! Thanks for everything!!! Oh yeah, I had a meeting yesterday for adjusting to the life after the mission, it made me a little sad and it was then that it hit me the hardest that it is truly coming to an end... but we will keep fighting! Love you all!

Love Elder Quinn

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