Sunday, April 13, 2014

"Moldy Peaches"

Still here at the MTC and not a lot has happened different from the usual. I have been here a month which is #craycray! So amazing how fast time really flies! It's weird out here on the mission, because you would think you'd miss things like watching movies or being able to relax, but you're always so busy you don't even have time to miss those kinds of things. I got sick last week on Monday. Just runny nose, head ache... you know the stuff that really makes you feel miserable if you're away from home and can't just sit in bed till you get better. But thank goodness for modern medicine. I was popping pills at every meal to make sure that my symptoms wouldn't get the best of me and now I feel much better! Our district got a fridge handed down to us from another district which was awesome, because I could buy milk and put it in there, come home from a long day, pop open a milk and enjoy a cosmic brownie as I wind down for the night. But the people who do room checks took it because it's only supposed to be used for medical purposes. I need my milk or else I can't function!!! But whatever, what can you do. I got to host these two past weeks, which is awesome. Getting to see these new missionaries and helping them find their way around campus is so much fun! But I get a little emotional seeing all the goodbyes that take place! So when I got here we had 12 other Elders in my zone, then 8, now we are down to 4.... how great... Haha. I do love my district because they are crazy! But it’s definitely more fun having more people. I and my district get in debates daily... I call them Daily District Debates... haha. It's amazing the things we don't agree on!!! It's so funny to see just the most random subjects that we don't agree on... Diabetes, animal rights, and guns are just a few of the themes that we have discussed. I don't really jump in on the debates about guns or diabetes... but when it comes to animals, I'm sure to speak my mind! Haha. But we all get along which is great! I got sent Moldy Peaches on April Fool's day. Does anyone know about that? I got a note in the mail that said I received "Moldy Peaches" and they had to throw them away because they were a perishable item sent through a local delivery service and they don't put things in the fridge or something like that. I think it was just a joke, but I don't know who would have done that! I got my travel plans this week!!! I fly out on the 15th of April!!! I fly out of SLC to Dallas TX, then to London, then To Portugal!!! 2 layovers!! I've never been to London or Texas, so this will be an adventure for sure!! I leave the 15th at 2:20 p.m. and arrive in Lisbon at 6:05 p.m. April 16th. I'm not sure if that's our time or theirs, but it will be a long couple of days in airport terminals! Well all is well. The food’s still good and so is the Portuguese! Attached pictures are wishing you a Happy St. Patrick's Day, me and my companion at Study time, us Elders and our teacher, and the last picture is of the Elders in my room receiving packages from my family. Thanks for everyone's love and support!!!
-Elder Quinn

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