Monday, April 21, 2014

"This place is awesome and one day I hope that gift of tongues everybody talks about finally comes!!"

Hello there. I have had one crazy culture shocking of a week!!! Portugal is beautiful! After 72 hours of flying, we finally arrived in Lisbon and found the President and his wife waiting there for us. We went to their house for the first night and had dinner with them and slept there. We woke up the next morning and went to the office where we met our trainers/new companions. Mine is awesome!!! He is Elder Moeller from Tucson Arizona! He has been here 8 months and is fortunately fluent in the language and can help me. Oh the language.... haha. I thought I knew at least a little, maybe enough to get by.... But I seriously cannot pick out any words these people are saying. They speak so fast and mush all their words together! I end up finding myself not paying attention to what they are saying because I can´t understand so I just tune out. Church yesterday was rough. I was sitting by one of our Investigators, (Natalina), in Sacrament. Her friend (Vanessa, a member) snapped at me saying "Elder...." haha waking me from my slumber!!! I fell asleep in elders quorum and gospel principals as well.... haha it is soo hard paying attention to something you can´t understand! Anyway, I guess they expect you to actually talk to the people to be able to find new investigators... but it´s insane here... haha you walk up to some people and they won´t give you the time of day. Or they already have their own religion... Haha luckily we already have some investigators, because finding new ones ain´t easy. The City I am in right now is called Setúbal. It´s just like a post card here. There are allies with shops like Disneyland and it´s so cool that it´s real life. Natalina is our closest investigator to baptism; she just needs to get married to her boyfriend before we can make that happen.... Yesterday we went to this guy’s house for dinner. He´s the nicest. He´s a friend of the elders and he is very catholic. We walk into his house and there are pictures of Jesus all over. The place is covered. We walk in to his room and there are literally over 100 crosses on his wall with Jesus on them!!! It was crazy!!! But he fed us a 4 course meal of something consisting of salad, cheese, bread, lamb, pork, cake, and fruit... tons of food that made for a good Easter dinner! Attached are photos of our traveling to the airport, and me with the President and wife after sleeping at their house and being a little jet lagged and not looking so hot But this place is awesome and one day I hope that gift of tongues everybody talks about finally comes!! Thank you for everyone’s prayers and support!!! Love you all!
-Elder Quinn


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