Monday, May 5, 2014

"The Lord has blessed me so much by sending me here!"

Hello there everyone!! How is everything back in the USA? You guys still there? Portugal is amazing! Sooooo pretty and cool!!! The Lord has blessed me so much by sending me here! There are allies full of shops and little cafes everywhere, so it looks like the part where you exit out of Pirates of the Caribbean in Disneyland... if that makes sense. Pretty cool. Right now in my area, we are in a good ward of people that feed us pretty well. I have tried my first chicken foot here and it was.... alright. This next week I am hoping to have a plate of snails (caracóis). The people here love them so I gotta try them, #right? One of the things I really love about the people here is they love their juice! At every meal they offer some delicious juice, lemonade, mango nectar, peach and grape juice. Just all delectable drinks! Every day I get a beautiful view of the bay, and the huge ships that come through. One of our investigators said that the 3rd largest ship in the world, that actually sails the sea, came through the Setúbal port. Pretty cool. We didn´t get to see it. They have lots of holidays here... random ones. I swear the kids are never in school. One Holiday that I was here for was Liberdade... which I think was their independence day! And they were going to do fireworks down in the plaza, so I was excited to see them. Turns out they had already happened the night before, at midnight. Kind of crazy, but whatever. We took a boat that was just a little ferry that took us across the bay to Troya... Troe... I dont know how to spell it. It was probably a 20 minute ride. The ferry was probably just a little bigger than the one at Disney World that transported us from to and from the Magic Kingdom! I´m pretty sure me and my companion’s area is the only place in Setúbal with a hill. We climb that hill probably two or three times a day going to different appointments and what not! Also, summer is coming, FAST!!! It is soooo hot already, and the people here say that this is nothing like it will be in the summer... haha great.... And I already got sun burnt. But don´t worry, I found the house supply of sunscreen. First fast Sunday in the field was yesterday! I guess we fast from lunch to lunch here, so that´s kind of cool. But by the time lunch came around on Sunday when I could break my fast, I was parched!! We ate with a family and I drank all their lemonade, but they kept refilling my glass, so I kept drinking. That family we ate with has a little girl, and before dinner they told us to wash our hands, so she followed us 4 missionaries to the bathroom to wash and she USED THE BIDET! (the thing that washes your bum for you)!!!!! haha she used the BIDET to wash her hands for lunch!!!! The attached pictures are of me at the beach of the island we rode the ferry to.The other picture is of me with two best friends on our last day together at the MTC. Hannah Vanwagoner, who is going to Argentina and Chad Taylor, who is going to France. I guess that about sums up my life here so far, all is well. I hope everyone’s doing great back at home!!! Love you all! Thanks for your prayers and support!!
-Elder Quinn

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