Monday, May 26, 2014


Ola Bom Dia, Tudo Bem?~

A lot happened this past week! Muuuuito!!!! We went to Lisbon on Thursday for a Mission Conference with 7 other zones in our mission. We had Elder Kearon (of the 70) there to speak to us. It was a very cool experience to sit there and just listen to him talk. It was an interactive meeting, so he told us to raise our hands at anytime if we had thoughts or questions while he was talking and basically it became a 4-5 hour long conference. But it was way cool. We got to Lisbon by taking a train to a boat, and the boat to a train. Pretty cool how we travel here sometimes. We then came home by boats and trains and went to dinner with Lorenzo (a very Catholic man that loves the missionaries...see the attached photos to see his Catholicism). One more thing happened this past week....... oh yah... WE HAD OUR FIRST BAPTISM!!! (see attatched pictures again) It was soooooo coool!! We have been working with this kid for the past 3-4 weeks. He is the boyfriend of a girl in our ward. The first time we talked to him he was with his member girlfriend on the street. Then we got a call that he wanted to learn more about our church. About a week ago he got the answer to his prayers and on Saturday, he entered the waters of baptism! And guess who did the Baptism.... I did!!! The water was freezing, but when we entered the font, and I started the baptismal prayer, I couldn't feel the chill of the water. His name is Miguel Ângelo Vieira Recatia... So I messed up once or twice with that one... then once on the prayer... but on the 3rd time of attempting the prayer, I said it, and lowered him down and brought him back up! It was supes awesome! Such a neat experience! Me and my companion had been working very hard this transfer and I´m grateful we got to see the fruits of our efforts! Miguel then received the Gift of the Holy ghost on Sunday! So yesterday was the last night of the transfer, (these 6 weeks flew by) and my companion got the call about transfers... Neither of us thought he was leaving, but sure enough he´s been called to be a Zone Leader in Lapa. I couldn´t believe he was already leaving. We've only had six weeks here and we're just barely getting the ball rolling. But the Lord has better things in mind for all of us. So I am staying here, and I am getting Elder Harris as my companion. He just barely finished his turn being Assistant to the President... haha the Lord´s sending his big guns to Setúbal 1B! Turns out Elder Harris and my Bishop's daughter in Utah, have been writing each other. So me and him are already a little acquainted. That´s it for this week. Love you all!!!
-Elder Quinn

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