Tuesday, May 13, 2014

"heartless robots"

Alright, so I guess every week I let you guys know about one germ phobic moment of my week, (isn’t hard to find). So anyway, this past week’s event was, we were in a little house teaching a lady and her ex-husband a lesson, and during the lesson the ex-husband sat there cleaning out his toes.... I was just sitting there thinking about how I was going to have to shake his hand as we were leaving... that’s the story for this week. Basically still adjusting to everything. Trying to focus on focusing. It’s so hard when you can’t understand what is being said. My mind wonders like no other. It’s pretty fun here! We had 6 investigators at church which is pretty cool! All the people here make fun of my facial expressions... I think it’s when I’m trying to figure out what they’re saying or what I am going to say back.. I just do a weird face when I am trying to figure out words. Also when we are eating dinner with members or something and the other elders and the whole family are laughing at a joke because they all understand and I just sit there at the end of the table drinking my juice. I tell my companion stories sometimes to help keep the time going or when we are walking home from our area. So far I have told him the stories of Catching Fire, Mocking Jay, and Into the woods. I think he enjoyed them. Love you all!!! I also got to talk to my family for mother’s day! I was the only one of 4 elders who said goodbye and cried... I guess the mission turns you into heartless robots since the others didn’t cry or care one bit... maybe it had to do with the fact that I am the newest elder that was there...Either way it was awesome to talk to them!!
Love, Elder Quinn

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