Monday, September 8, 2014

"....and the fight continues!"

Ola America!!! Tudo Bem?! This transfer has been one of miracles. Elder Durfee and I are having such a good time here in Costa. Wakin up, runnin on the beach, studyin the scriptures, then hittin the streets finding God´s Elects! So, some fun things I have done as a tourist missionary (on P-Days of course) with Elder Judd. We went to Lisbon, a praça do comercial, or something like that, and it was beautiful. All these old buildings, the architecture and everything. It is absolutely stunning here!! While there, we went to the hard rock cafe, and when we were entering, there was some members from Setúbal that I knew!! Ha-ha #thankyouheavenlyfather. They bought our hard rock cafe food and we had such a good time just sittin there enjoyin some American Chicken sandwiches and Oreo cheesecake after!! It was soo cool! The members were so surprised at how good everything tasted. They got a slab of ribs, and they told us, "You Elders have to try this!!" ha-ha so we told them, "This is our food everyday over there in America!" ha-ha, it was cool. Elder Durfee and I went to Cristo Rei, the big Jesus statue here in Lisbon - it's ginormous!! We went to the top and everything! Today we´re going to Belem and we are going to get some more pastels bread and cheese! We also tried some sugar cane juice!!! Also, we had a Zone Conference - Elder Fish and Brown (from my MTC district) are here in my zone!! So I got to see them and that was way awesome!! Elder Fish said I have gotten way tan....(Traci Day ain’t got me beat!) It’s just awesome having this different culture and different language every day! Definitely a different lifestyle, but it’s worth it! Yesterday.... WE HAD A BAPTISM!!! #blessed! His name is Ernesto! He was truly prepared by the Lord!!! We found him when we were knocking on doors! He let us in, we had the answers to his questions, and he was baptized! He had a stroke so he doesn’t have full function of his left side, so Elder Durfee and me baptized him!! #whiteparty! It was so neat, after he went in the water and came out, he sat there, was crying a little and hugged us both (he likes to speak English with us) and he said, "Thank you Brother." It was soooo awesome!! The Lord is the best! I am coming to know him so much more out here than I would have ever imagined!! Thank you for all your support and prayers! I love and pray for you all! The summer is coming to an end, so there are not as many people here at the beach. But the juice is still good, the Lord is my light, and the fight continues!

Love Elder Quinn

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