Monday, September 29, 2014

"The Queen of Costa"

So, here in this beautiful beach town of Costa da Caparica, I have picked up the name, the Queen of Costa, thanks to our recent convert Ernesto. He speaks English pretty well, so when he read my name, he thought it was the same as queen. (I get that a lot). We as a mission were working really hard to achieve a goal of 165 baptisms this transfer! We performed 3 fasts in total, as a mission and with the members here. The results were 151 baptisms!!! We had 56 baptisms this past week as a mission! The best week this mission has seen since 2012 when they had 51. It was a lot of fun to come together as a mission and work for this goal given to us from our president. Elder Durfee and I had another 2 baptisms this past week. A mom and a child, Patricia and Rafael. We are still working with the husband to get him to the waters of baptism. He said he´s known the Mormons for 20 years and never had anything to do with us, but now the Elders have become a blessing in his home. Pretty amazing the way The Lord works! Some fun things to update on.... Elder Durfee and I thought we had bought some onion rings so we took them home, were frying them, then eating them, and realized on the bag that they were octopus rings.... they were still delicious!! It rained cats and dogs a little this past week! So as we were walking to one of our appointments, somebody drove by and splashed me hard core!!! Ha-ha the people here just LOVE the Elders! Fortunately for Durfee, I was between him and the puddle. Also, we met a couple from Utah here just on the street. The Higgins family. He was wearing a U of U shirt. Boooo! So we hear them call, "Missionaries!", and we look over, and see them and go talk to them. While we are talking to them we found out they live in the Salt Lake area. He served his mission here 10 years ago and one of his areas was Costa. We keep talking, I tell them I´m from South Jordan, they say they are too, and we find out we are in the same stake!!! ha-ha it is such a small world! Towards the end of our conversation, I hear a Splat! and look, and his wife, (Sister Higgins) got pooped on by a seagull!!!! It splattered across her face and down her shirt!!! Hahaha, us 3 (Durfee, me and Brother Higgins) were dying laughing!!!! It was smearing her makeup... it was too good! So as some of you have probably heard, my birthday was this past week. Can you guess what I did? Yes, I went to McDonalds!!! #ofcourse! On the day of my birthday, Durfee made us french toast, we did weekly planning, went to Mcdonalds, went to our recent converts house for cake, then worked for the day, came home and made German Pancakes!! ha-ha, it was definitely a good day! I am no longer a teen. That’s very strange to me! Then Sister Fluckiger (Presidents wife) called and sang to me! We also went to a member’s house last night to have a Cod fish dish and some homemade pineapple cake! So.... We got the call last night for transfers.... are you ready?! Elder Quinn... you are being transferred to Oeiras! You will be the District Leader; you will be white washing, and YOU WILL BE TRAINING!!! I´m getting a greenie this week!!! His name is Elder Yansey. I´ll get to see two of my very good friends at the meeting when I go to get my trainee. Elder Biancucci and Elder Ruggles are from my Riverton ward. It’s going to be a transfer of lots of work and faith! (#prayforme #pls) ha-ha it’s going to be awesome! I already have the Leader of the work calling me and wanting to meet with me. I think it’s one of the biggest chapels in Portugal and has a huge ward! Sad to leave Costa, but excited for the new adventure! Love you all!! Thanks for everything!! Tudo bem aqui!
Love Elder Quinn

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