Monday, October 6, 2014

"We are going to baptize everyone here in Oeiras!"

This last week has been pretty awesome! Just been working our tails off, you know... the usual. My new companion is Elder Yancey! He is from Seattle, Washington! Pretty cool. I am training him and he is already doing a great job! Already talking with people on the streets and testifying like he´s been here for a year already! We are here doing a white wash, which means we took over the area from other missionaries and basically have a clean slate. We have a couple references to work with, like numbers in the telephone, names in the area book and of course just talking with everyone on the streets about our awesome message! We live in a house with two other Elders. They are Elder Simpson from Texas, and Elder Ruggles.... from my old ward in Riverton Utah... #smallworld... once again! Ha-ha pretty cool getting to see people from home! Also, I got to see Elder Bianucci when we picked up our trainees! They all were sooo tired at the meeting because of jet lag and everything!
Elder Yancey and I were contacting our first night and we met a Brazilian girl. We arranged to meet with her Saturday morning at the chapel. We met, and we marked her there at the end of the lesson for baptism! It was a miracle! And awesome for Elder Yancey to see that miracles really happen here in the mission field and that if we open our mouths and talk, the Lord will do the rest!
So General conference was awesome! We got to watch it in English and hear great things from the Lord’s prophets and apostles! Elder Ruggles and Elder Yancey were still struggling with a little jet lag, so Elder Simpson and I would look over at our trainees and they were sleeping... poor guys! Ha-ha, I remember when that was me! They´ll be alright. Also, I met one of my brother’s missionary Zone Leaders that he served with in Paris, here in my’s a small small world!
So now I will continue to just keep working, putting my faith in the Lord, and following his teachings! We are going to baptize everyone here in Oeiras! Love you all! Thanks for everything!
Love Elder Quinn!

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