Monday, November 3, 2014

"still having a great time"

This week was awesome! We got to go to a 5 star hotel (we didn’t stay the night) to sing at a mission presidents conference! All the mission presidents of every mission were there and we sang Called to serve in Portuguese #ofcourse. It was awesome! The spirit was soo strong! Our mission president, President Fluckiger and his wife were crying, and all the other mission presidents wives were also! It was awesome!!! Unfortunately, the baptismal font has not been filled for me and Elder Yancey, but we are working our behinds off to encounter those Elects! We have a lady that is pretty elect! We marked her for baptism in the street; she says she has been praying for a renewance of her baptism! So we´ll be sure to help her with that! She also has a family! So we´ll be doing our best with them! Still drinking the juice, still staying warm, still having a great time! We quote harry potter all the time in our apartment, and avatar the last airbender, so life’s going pretty good right about now!!! Love you all!!!

Love Elder Quinn!

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