Monday, November 17, 2014

"Now we just got to find some more to bring unto Christ!"

So this past week was awesome! We knocked on one door and an old angry French guy answered. His nephew came to the door and calmed him down by telling him that we were from the church. They let us in and we sat down with them and two African women who were cousins and the owners of the house. They offered us soup, coke, fruit, all types of things! It was soo funny! The old French guy was still pretty upset that we were in the house! But we left a good message about Jesus. Then as we were leaving it starting pouring!!! Cats and dogs! They told us that we couldn’t go out in that weather and they made us stay and sit until it let up. But we kept insisting that we needed to leave, so the Old African lady did up our jackets for us and she put our hoods on for us and was basically treating us like a mother would.... it was sooo funny! ha-ha! The mission has lots of good experiences! We also had Elder Quinton L Cook from the Quorum of the 12 apostles come and talk to us!!! It was sooooo cool! Learned so much! He told us that he knows the voice of Christ! That was theee coolest part when he said that! The night before that, we had 4 other Elders sleeping in our apartment so they could be closer to the chapel in the morning. One of them was sleeping.... and snored louder than any other person I have ever heard in my life! It was the worst night of sleep ever! ha-ha, we were all soo upset in the morning because none of us slept! I tried kicking his bed and waking him up, but he would just start snoring 5 minutes later! He also would snore sooo loud and deep that he would swallow the air and burp at the end of his snore!!! It was thee worst! We all just die laughing about it now and how miserable it was! This Saturday our district had a very special baptism. This girl named Gabriela that Elder Yancey and I found on our first night out in this area! We met with her the first week, and then marked her for baptism! She was elect! She lived in the other Elder´s area, so we passed her over and they worked really hard with her! She was still feeling a little unready for baptism, but during the interview, there’s a question that asks something like... "are you ready to make this commitment with the Lord? " and she said she wasn’t sure... so our leader was getting ready to close the interview and we would just wait on the baptism... but the spirit told him to ask the question again, and she said yes. The reason she said yes is because she is pregnant, and she said that if the baby kicked again, it would be a sign that this is what she should do. So when our leader asked the question again, the baby kicked right at that time and she knew that it was the answer! She told us that the night before we found her, she had been praying for the first time in forever, for a change. She needed something... and then we found her the very next day! The Lord is awesome! He answers our prayers always! She also chose me to baptize her which was awesome!! Unfortunately, she is headed to brazil today, but she will find the church down there and continue strong down there! We then had another baptism of an amazing elect man from Angola whose name is Edmilson! He is sooo cool! He is already excited for the temple and everything! He accepted everything as we were teaching it and was just super prepared to be part of the Lord´s church! His baptismal service was awesome as well. The Lord is the best! I love you all! This is the Church of Jesus Christ! Oh yah, we celebrated at a Chinese buffet today! It was delicious! Now we just got to find some more to bring unto Christ!
Love Elder Quinn!

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