Monday, November 10, 2014

"gonna keep working to find more!"

Hey there everyone at home! Thanks for the prayers and everything! They really paid off!!! Estrela and Luana got baptized!!! It was awesome!!! Such a miracle!! Golden references from the Lord! They really were sooo cool. I really wanted Elder Yancey to get to baptize during this transfer while I was training him and the Lord did everything to help us out! He put Estrela in our path, and because of her, we found her sister and now they are both baptized! It was an awesome service and the members here really helped! Elder Yancey and I worked really hard and every week our area just kept progressing! Then in the end, we saw the fruits of our labors! This transfer flewwww!!!!

So transfers happened... and Yancey and I will stay here for yet another round! Ha-ha stay tuned! Elder Ruggles got transferred unfortunately. He was awesome and we had a great time all hanging out at the house and we really got to know each other. But I´ll see him again! So big news this week, Elder Quinton L Cook is coming to our mission to talk to us!!! He´s coming to our chapel to talk with our zones. Elder Yancey and I celebrated at the pizza hut buffet today! I’m probably going to explode; it was the most American food I have eaten since chuck-a-rama back in Utah. Well, all is well here. Still got some good potential and of course, gonna keep working to find more! Pray for me to become water proof or something... because "a storm is coming. Best be ready when she does" (harry potter quote).... but yah, it’s just gonna get wetter... wooohoo.. Love you all!!!
Love Elder Quinn

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