Wednesday, December 10, 2014

"I could not be more excited to see you guys!!!"

So I got transferred...The new area is called Bragança!!! It is basically the northernmost city of the mission... just in time for winter yay.... ha-ha. Oh gosh... I seriously don’t know what will happen... probably lots of rain. We are in a branch now... this will be my first time serving in a branch in my mission... so we´ll see. We got the calls for transfers last night, we were at one of our recent convert’s house, so I said final goodbyes, I called some members and my other recent converts, told them the news, came home packed until 1:00 am., woke up at 5:30 am., then I started traveling at 6:16 am., took a bus from 8:00 am. until 2:30 pm. all the way north... it was a ride and a half.... it was a good time for sleep. Plus I got to see beautiful sights, valleys of vineyards, little villages on every mountain with their own catholic chapels... it was a way a cool thing to see. I am excited to be in this new area and work with this branch, and freeze of course! My new companion is Elder Lee from Ephraim. He came in the same day as Elder Yancey. We´re going to have a good transfer (and Christmas) together!
Ha-ha, I could not be more excited to see you guys!!! Two weeks from this one!! I´ll let you know how the weather treats me... should be alright... we´ll see... Love you mom!!! Thanks for everything!!! Oh yah, I took a picture by the dumb and dumber sign, just for you guys!! Love you forever!!!
Love Elder Quinn!

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