Monday, December 29, 2014

'Happy Christmas to us!!!"

Well, the first Christmas out of the house has come and gone. Time to clean up the trees and decor, and start a new year! So this Christmas was very special for me! I got to work!!! wooooo!!! Too fun, I know, right? ha-ha just kiddin, it was just another day here in Bragan├ža Portugal! But it was awesome because I GOT TO SKYPE MY FAM!!! So that was the best Christmas present ever!!! On Christmas we had planned on going to a Chinese buffet... but they were closed. (Chinese don’t even celebrate Christmas... Right?!) But then we just worked a little more and then went to the chapel and cooked French toast for ourselves while the other missionaries talked to their families on Skype!! Happy Christmas to us!! ha-ha but anyway... this week was a little rough... just because everyone we talked to told us that after the holidays and what not, that they would talk to us... so we didn’t have really anything happening. Then we fasted Saturday for the Lord to help us find a family, a new branch president, and just people to teach! Sunday night, we were walking to a less active member’s house, when we passed a door that we had knocked on earlier and the lady told us to come back (everyone’s answer) later. So we knocked on that door again. The dad was home, they let us in and we taught a family of 5!!! It was definitely an answer to our fast/prayers! The Lord is awesome and I´m learning so much every day!! The Branch up here is doing alright. My job as Branch President this past Sunday was….. 1 lesson, 1 talk, pass the sacrament, direct the music, and closing prayer. Ha-ha so it’s definitely stretching me... but I’m definitely growing! Lovin it! And it’s not too cold yet... but January hasn’t come... so we´ll see! Thanks for all your prayers and support!!! Happy New Year!!! Make some good resolutions! Mine is to not gain more than 20 pounds from all the juice over here!! Love you!!!
Love Elder Quinn!

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