Tuesday, January 13, 2015

"We are establishing Zion and preparing for the 2nd coming of our Lord!!"

So branch president is going... ha-ha it’s alright! We had 8 members yesterday... the worst attendance we´ve had so far in the branch. But the family that Elder Lee and I are teaching showed up!!! They are soo cool! Seriously just a normal family! It’s the first family that I have really taught or really had progressing! Elder Lee and I had a very powerful lesson with them on Saturday night, where we invited them to be baptized and prepare for the 31st of January, and they accepted!!! So we just got to keep working our butts off to make this happen! This branch and The Lord need this family!!! So I´ll keep you updated on their process! I am learning sooooo much in this position that I never even would have thought before. It´s definitely stretching me to have a branch and members to worry about, and then to have the missionary aspect to keep looking for and finding and baptizing... but there’s nothing too big for the lord! And He is the reason I am here and of course he´ll continue to help us! I think that’s why he lead us to this family, so we can have at least some awesome people progressing and stuff while we just have to keep looking for more! There was a funeral yesterday of the Husband of one of the ladies in our ward. He wasn’t a member... so it was held in a catholic chapel... It was very different than what we do. It was an experience for sure, but it just made me that much more grateful to know and have the gospel of Jesus Christ in my life. Also finding out that my Great grandma passed away, I know we´ll see her again. All of us will live again because of our Savior, Jesus. The mission isn’t doing too hot right now on baptisms, so the leaders get to have a meeting with president tomorrow in Porto! 3 hour bus ride both ways! whooo... ha-ha it´ll be fine. All is well here. We are establishing Zion and preparing for the 2nd coming of our Lord!! Keep in your prayers this wonderful family! Their last name is Vase! Love you all!!! Thanks for everything!

Love Elder Quinn!

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