Sunday, January 25, 2015

"Learning and Loving it!!!"

Well, one more week down. This past week was one of the rougher ones... but I definitely learned a lot. I already have 6 weeks here in Bragan├ža! Insane how fast the time truly flies by!! Monday, Elder Lee went to Lisbon to do residency and I went to Porto for training for the leaders. Then we came back Tuesday night to a family night we had planned with our family of investigators and a member family. The investigators couldn't make it... so I was a little disappointed... But then we kept working, and kept looking. We didn't really have too much success, so we didn't get to teach too much for the week, So that's why it was a little rougher. We had two meetings that were to do with the branch that were over 7 hours in total, and stuff like that... just a lot of learning this past week. Oh, also I was under the weather a little, but no big deal, I'm already feeling better! Like i said, I learned a lot of things this week that will help me for the rest of the mission. There's always a reason for everything! We´ll be sure to help this family receive the blessings of the gospel! We took a nice walk to the top of the mountain here in bragan├ža today for pday. It was beautiful!! Very cold for sure... but awesome views!! Yesterday in church was awesome! Great classes, and 2 less actives showed up! So the Lord answered our prayers, just in a different way than we were expecting! Also, I got to give a talk in sacrament again... ha-ha it's good practice! Never wanted to talk in sacrament before the mission... but now I'm doing it every week. All is well here!!! Learning and Loving it!!!
Love Elder Quinn


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