Monday, March 2, 2015

"...with the Spirit I usually keep warm."

Good Morning Bragança! (hairspray...)

Welp, one more week in this tiny little city! But good news, the sun is staying in the air longer and we are getting closer and closer to spring!!!! It gets pretty windy here unfortunately and it brings the cold air from the snowy sierras of Spain!!! But with my jacket and with the Spirit I usually keep warm. Still looking for those elects of God here in this town! I know they're here... just a little more and we´ll be having some baptisms!! This branch will be a ward here in no time!! The family we are teaching are sooo cool!! Just trying to get them to make the change from sleeping in on Sundays, to coming to church at 9:00 am. has been the biggest challenge! With just a little more patience and love they´ll get there! Been challenged by the president to speak only portuguese outside of the house, so we´ve been doing that and it has really helped improve my language! Headed to Porto again this week for some meetings there with the Zone and with President. Still drinking juice, and putting brown sugar in basically everything we eat... I have gained quite the sweet tooth out here... I guess I already had one... but still! The Lord is helping us out so much in the Branch here in Bragança! We broke our record with people in sacrament meeting yesterday!!! WOOO 16 people! haha! gave like my 12th talk in sacrament! but its all good, Learning sooo much being here and loving it! Elder Lines and me get along real well! We quote Matilda, Harry Potter, and all the classics. We also find time to do missionary work. All is well here!

Love you all!!!
Love Elder Quinn

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