Tuesday, May 12, 2015

"Palm trees, beach, tourists all over and beautiful warm weather!!!"

Well, completely different here in Lagos. Palm trees, beach, tourists all over, and beautiful warm weather!!! What a blessing! Some fun things that happened this past week, met a 7th day Adventist that invited us over for some soup and garlic bread to discuss the bible. That was a nice conversation. Found a Bulgarian man that invited us in and gave us some saltines and coke and tried his blood pressure monitor on us... it was definitely something different. The branch president here is Portuguese, but his wife is american (so she makes lots of american food!!!) The first counselor is British so he doesn't speak too much Portuguese, and the branch is pretty cool here! There are some firm members and that always makes things a little easier! Elder Badger and I are still on the look out for some more elect of the Lord. ItÅ› been a while since I've baptized so I am thinking its about time to get back into the water! Excited to be here! It was an ugly day today so I didn't get good pictures, on a good p day we are going to the beach and the cliffs! We have a man that is preparing to be baptized, just struggling with coffee and smoking right now. We shall see. Love you all!!!

Love Elder Quinn!

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