Tuesday, May 12, 2015


This last week was good. Found 14 new investigators, of which a good amount seem very potential!!! So Elder Badger and I are very excited to work with them! We had a man named George who came to church and he seems very promising! So that's awesome! He has been smoking for 40 years but is excited to stop! This place is beautiful! Elder Badger and I went to a place called ponta da piedade today. It was amazing!
While looking for investigators and people to talk with on the streets, we also keep an eye out for nêspra trees! They are orange little spring fruits that you can just pick and eat! They are so good! My favorite brand of juice just came out with an apple juice that is bascially like drinking apple sauce #paradise.
Had a lesson with 2 old ladies. It was a pretty funny one. One of them told us she had some pretty grand daughters for us, and then wanted to kiss our cheeks, but since she couldn't give us a kiss, she just caressed our faces, haha she was a nice lady.
That about does it for the week... not much more. I love you all, Thanks for the support and the prayers!!!

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