Thursday, September 3, 2015

"18 months this week"

Welp.... one more week here in Caçem! The last week of the transfer was awesome!!! We have been working with a kid named Alex who was not expected to be home from vacation in Spain until Septemeber 1, but the Lord worked us a miracle and brought him home earlier and then we marked him and he was baptized on Saturday by Elder EASTON!!!! He was found by the other Elders in our ward and they were working with him until Easton and I showed up and took half of the ward which he lived in, so it was a group effort, and he is really cool! He wants to serve a mission already! This past week was pretty fun.We didn't find too many people, but now Easton and I are staying another Transfer here in Caçem so we will find plenty!!! Yesterday was sooo cool! At church, Andrey and Alex both were confirmed members of the church, and were given the Aaronic Priesthood after church! It is awesome seeing the growth of the Lord´s kingdom happen so quick! The bishop here is really good about helping new converts receive what they need right after baptism! This ward is awesome and this area has a ton of people! We gonna find a lot of people this transfer!!! Thanks for all the love and support! All is well here!!! 18 months this week... insane how fast it really goes....
Love Elder Quinn

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