Friday, September 18, 2015

"he is the right one for this time"

Welp, once again here we are. Week 3 of this transfer. This past week was a little interesting. Elder Easton and me got kicked out of our house for the week to let sisters live there due to some problems they were having in their house. So we moved in with the other Elders here in Cacem for the week. It is really fun living in a house of 4 elders, but we aren't always focused. We should be moving back to our house tonight or tomorrow, so that will be good. Because of this move for the week, Easton and I didn't work in our main area as much. We went to a little town called belas, unfortunately didn't find much, but we´ll keep looking! This past week was fun. Got to have a few member meals which is always awesome!!! Our recent converts are doing well and should be getting callings here within the next couple weeks. We had a change of bishopric here. Our old bishop was in that calling for 6 years here in cacem, the new bishop is awesome and will really help in continuing the work of the Lord. It was really cool being able to be in the sacrament meeting when everyone in the congregation raised their hand of support. The spirit was pretty strong in testifying that he is the right one for this time. Other than that,... not too much. Still drinking lots of juice, and now I'm starting to love drinkable yogurt!!! So all is well here! Love you all!
Love Elder Quinn!

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