Sunday, October 4, 2015

"but now I am loving it even more"

September 7, 2015 - Welp, one more week here in the great city of Massamá. On Monday Easton and I were hitting some doors in a place called Sao Marcos, and we found a family that actually has pretty good potential. They read in the book of Mormon and are praying. Unfortunately they haven't seen the importance of going to Church to receive an answer that this is the right path to take, but we will keep you updated on them. We have been working a lot with recent converts and less actives as well this past week so we didn't teach as many lessons as we could have. The ward is helping out a lot in our work and making sure that the recent converts are integrated and have callings. We found a pretty cool kid named Nuno that seems to have a lot of interest! We are going to have another lesson with him tonight! The mission is going soooo fast right now. I cant believe how quick it has gone by. We got some new missionaries in this past week and it felt like just yesterday that I was there. I have loved the mission the whole time, but now I am loving it even more. Me and Easton are goin lookin, as always, for the Lord´s elect! Everything is goin fine here. Not eatin the healthiest... but hey, gotta take advantage of having good metabolism and walking all day while I can, right?
Love you all!!!

Elder Quinn

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