Wednesday, June 10, 2015

"......and the Lord leading us."

Transfers happened and I am staying in Lagos another 6 weeks. Charles came to church and loved it! He was talking to Elder Badger after church and said that he has thought about it and wants to be baptized! So that is awesome!!! Sacrament meeting was so cool. There were some visitors from Canada backpacking in Europe and one of them bore her testimony and was talking about how they were sooo excited that there was a church here and they finally after much searching, they found the little apartment building that is our wardhouse. When she walked in and saw the photo of Jesus, she knew she was home even though she was all the way over here in Portugal. It was a really good sacrament meeting. Also, Elder Badger has been transferred and I received Elder Yancey... AGAIN!!!! ha-ha my trainee has come back to his papa! So Yancey and Quinn are at it again!!! How wild is that?! We are already laughing and having a great time!!! We are exciting to work together again! So in the past week besides teaching Charles and him being elect, we were able to go to a branch BBQ which was delicious. The branch president's kid's birthday was on Sunday, so we went over there for lunch and had a pancake buffet. It was delicious! It is getting very very hot down here! The branch president and his wife are working on integrating a family into the branch so that is very exciting! The family has been coming for a little while now! We will see what happens! All is well down here, juice, soup, heat, pastries, and the Lord leading us.
Love you all!!!
Love Elder Quinn

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