Wednesday, June 10, 2015

"we are really excited to work with him"

So another week has come and gone, and we are in the last week of the transfer already... again. Time truly does fly when you are having fun. This past week was a really good one. We went out to Sagres last pday and got to see the bottom corner of Portugal, and it was amazing! The cliffs here are spectacular! Then on Wednesday we got to do some service for a lady named Bia in her yard. Cleaning up vines and leaves and stuff and then she sent us home with a bag of fresh picked lemons from her tree and cooked us a dinner for our service! It was delicious! Elder Badger and I were walking and we contacted someone that was sitting on their patio and he had something under his shirt up by his collar. We asked what it was and a little Owl peeked it's head out of the man's shirt! It had huge yellow eyes and at first I thought it was a gremlin before it turns evil, like gismo! It was sooo cool! I want one now. Ha-ha the funny thing that happened this week, we passed by Jorge's door and he was taking the trash out so we offered to help. He gave me the two bags, and he said be careful with this one, because it had his mom's diaper inside it. I of course just about died, but Elder Badger didn't know the word for diaper so he just took that bag out of my hand and offered to carry it. Once Elder Badger knew what was in the bag, he wanted to get it out of his hands so we walked to the trash bins and Badger threw it in the first garbage can he saw.... which was the glass recycling bin... whoops. Ha-ha it was so funny. We didn't touch anything until we had washed our hands. But the coolest thing! We were out walking further than we´ve ever walked before and we just felt like we should keep walking and so we did. We were doing a little posilyting and in the end we turned down a street and there was a guy looking out his window. So we went down there and waved and he let us in! His name is Charles. He´s 20. His parents are french and he grew up in Florida. He is wayyy cool and it's definitely a different experience teaching the Gospel in English. He has a lot of good questions and understands the whole sincere heart and real intent. He was gonna come to church but he typed in the wrong address which took him to a city 50 minutes out of town. But we are really excited to work with him!! Other than that, just eatin soup, drinkin juice, and having a great time!
Love you all!!!
Love Elder Quinn
You wanna piece of meat? ill give you a piece of ham!

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