Thursday, August 20, 2015

July 27, 2015 - WHADDUP peeps of Utah... and others reading this blog.
So I got transferred to Povoa, to be in a companionship with Elder Fish and an Elder we would be training together... when we got to the office to pick up our greenies, two missionaries showed up that didn't have companions. So I got one of them (his name is Elder Easton from Bountiful, UT) and we were transferred to Caçem and we are now working there. So it will be a fun challenge for these next 5 weeks to just search for the Lord´s prepared here in the City of Caçem. This area was being worked by other Elders, but they also have their own city where they´d work more, so basically, we split the area and it will be good for the Church. Elder Easton and I are talking with millions of people. Not found anything too promising yet, but we will in a bit. Just gotta keep showing the Lord our desire to find people! This place is a lot more populated than Lagos, and there isn't any tourists here, so that makes the work a lot easier (the finding part of the work). The ward here is a good size and seems pretty supportive of missionary work, so I am excited to be here and work with the Leaders here in Caçem. There are apartment buildings everywhere!!!! But that just means that there are more people to find. All is going good here. I have not had as much juice this past week, but I'm sure I'll make up for that this week! Love you all!!
Love Elder Quinn

Me and my dragon! (Avatar Roku)

This is the view of Portugal from a really cool castle that we visited today!

The castle we were at is clear at the top of this picture!

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