Thursday, August 20, 2015

July 6, 2015 - Yancey and me went to a Mexican restaurant for 5th of July celebration. I wasn' t very satisfied.... ha-ha nothing like cafe rio, but still was good. We found a cool guy named Paulo this past week. He says he is agnostic and has never really believed, but recently has been diagnosed with severe kidney problems so he has been reconsidering his faith. I know we were inspired to knock on his door when we did. We have a little more potential than usual right now but it's hard getting people to act, especially on the part of coming to church!!! ha-ha people are sooo stinkin lazy!! They don't realize they can sleep after church... but we´ll get some good firm investigators for sure!! I am going to miss Angela and Davey soooo much! I think things have changed the most at home while Paige and me have been out... #notfair! Angela's cousin came here to visit our branch president and I asked her if she knew the Felicianos and she said "are you Daveys cousin?" I can't believe Paige is on her way home!!! Time is flying soooo fast out here! I love you mom!!! Thanks for always keeping me strong in this gospel!
Love Elder Quinn

Last time at the Beach, the beach, let's go get away

One of the only creatures that would listen to our message in Lagos


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