Thursday, August 20, 2015

June 22, 2015 - hi I don't have too much time today. All is well. It is getting sooooo hot here! like draining! We just gotta keep water in us. So this past week I tried some Angolan food and it was good. Also had some inked squid dish that our Branch President caught while he was fishing! That was a new experience! Having a rough time encountering people to teach! We talk to a lot of people, but they are all tourists. All is well here, getting tan and blonde! This is the last full week of President Fluckiger! Life is kind of sucky like that. I got to talk to some members from costa da caparica and it was so nice hearing their voices and just having a little conversation with them! I might get to see them this weekend! I'll let you know!! Love you sooo much mom! Thanks for always supporting me!!
Love Elder Quinn!

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